You have entered the home of Maura Sterling and a host of upcoming creepy creations.



The MORBID Book 1 horror anthology by Eric J. Kraus and James Fletcher is finally available for sale. 


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Morbid Cover


cover illustration by James Fletcher & Steven R. Cobb





The Depths of Gnar collection, which is 53 pages of vampiric fantasy by Eric J. Kraus, Steven R. Cobb and Rudy D. Nebres is now available for sale at


Sacralith Image



The MAURA horror collection was just posted for sale at


Maura cover



Please purchase this digital edition as the previous publisher Berserker Comics has been distributing and selling MAURA
comics without compensating the creators.


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We have updated the News and Projects sections. Great news for MAURA in 2014!!!


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We are in the process of completing the MAURA graphic novel. It will be 64 pages and there will be 55 pages of story and 9 extra pages of related art, sketches, pin-ups and back story on the creation of Maura.


Original cover to MAURA#1 by Simon Bisley


Biz Cover



First finished MAURA character study by Rudy D. Nebres





Maura#2 Variant Cover by Nebres & Cobb

Maura#2 cover by

Rudy D. Nebres & Steven R. Cobb



Maura Regular Cover#1
Maura#1 Regular Edition cover

painted by Glenn Fabry



Maura Variant Cover#2

Maura#1 Variant Edition cover

pencils by Simon Bisley



Maura Sterling

Interior splash page from Maura

by Rudy D. Nebres




Rudy Banner

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